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Who I AM.... 

My first gig was in '73 with a 4 piece wedding band.  We played almost every weekend at private
parties and wedding receptions. I met a TON of people and had LOTS of  fun! ...

While playing in the band, I was associated with a very talented lyricist and several other composers with
whom I played piano and other keyboards on many recording sessions.  We recorded radio commercials,
jingles, love songs, rock tunes, blues jams .... & other misc musical stuff.

I then joined a jazz group and performed with 3 other AWESOME musicians!  Playing some very colorful
"after-hours" clubs.   

After 20 years of "off time" to raise kids, (well maybe an occasional performance or some church stuff)
I joined up with a 5 piece blues group that soon became the hottest thing in central Michigan.
Now, I'm enjoying two different performances ....   My "solo" act where I play the keys and sing,  and my
duo piano playing partner Dann and our group: "Two Piano Guys".  

Solo, I either perform as at my beautiful baby grand (yes a real piano) at the Sandhill Crane Winery or at
some other venues using my very cool KORG electronic keyboard.  When I perform I have chosen to
play all my music "live".  What I mean by this, is that I do not use backing tracks or other pre-recorded
music that I play along with or sing to...... All my performances are in real time, live, spontaneous and fun.

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     .  .  .  .   Some pictures taken at some of my performances.

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Hangin' by the Baldwin Grand

Paul at the Baby Grand / Sandhill Crane Vineyards

On Stage at Sandhill Crane Vineyards

Jammin' with Jason    
Jammin' with Jason @ the Sandhill Crane Winery   -  Sep 13, 2014

Oh and a fun YouTube Video of the 2pianoguys!! .... Must See this!  

Another Video Downtown Village of Grass Lake - Piano Man!

AND .... Your Song in Grass Lake

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..... Yep .... I'm an un-employed musician :-) 

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Paul Schmitt